9 nails + 3 tires + thanksgiving + sinus infection = this shitty comic
9 nails + 3 tires + thanksgiving + sinus infection = this shitty comic

the cursed vehicle that is the mustang won the how fucked can your tires get raffle by running over nails. how many nails? i think broadripple ave may have consisted of 100% nails that fateful morning. all said and done, there were 8 nails (9 nail holes) across 3 of the mustang tires. last night i got to patch all of those holes in our freezing garage. add to it the fact that i developed a sinus infaction that is currently trying to go mike tyson on me (the mike tyson that beat up his wife and pushed his mom down the stairs..not the ear biting tyson) and add a pinch of i should have planned ahead and come up with a better thanksgiving comic means you get to enjoy that hunk of shit you just saw above. and to answer your question retarded turkey of the damned, yes i would love some waffles. but not with you because i’ll be too busy wanting to throw up from your hideousness or kick your ass for being such a terrible turkey.

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