Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Valentines Day!

If you believe that a man should buy you a heart shaped box of chocolate, a heart shaped necklace or pretty much anything that tv tells you a man should buy a woman….then go ahead and buy it and have fun with your boring, sheep life. Instead, i suggest actually paying attention to your significant other and finding out what she really likes and getting that for her. this is assuming that you are trying to buy your way into the chance of having sex which is really what valentines day is….guys trying to buy sex from their girlfriends/wives with gifts. If you are a woman and you actually want something heart shaped, then kudos to advertising to brainwashing you. If you aren’t a part of popular culture and still like heart shaped things, then you are the only legitimate person in the world that likes heart shaped things.

side note (not really a side note actually but 3/4 of the reason for this comic/rant), ladies, you have to participate in valentines day as well. get your guy something. it’s not his job to spend his time and money to woo you into bed because it’s feb 14th. you should have to earn his love as well. I reocommend taking a page from Ms. Heather’s book. For valentine’s day, we are going go carting and getting some pizza. it’s awesome for both of us. bottom line is, girls, you should want more than a heart shaped box of chocolates and a heart shaped necklace….and if you want more but settle for the former…..then you deserve what you get. Guys….be creative. going with what commercials tell you is the sure fire way to either not have sex on valentines day or to have really boring sex with a girl that only does what society tells her to do.

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